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Child protection

JKL Child Protection Officer

Name: Michele Austin  

Child Protection Policy Summary

“The Bedfordshire and Luton County Sports Partnership is committed to the principle that all children have the right to be protected from abuse. The Partnership acknowledges the need to provide and maintain a high degree of physical and mental well being for children in its care”.

Recruitment, Employment and Deployment of Staff and Volunteers

Sport can play a positive part in identifying cases of child abuse occurring outside of its direct arena (e.g. at home/school).  It is equally important to respond to cases that arise within sport, and make staff, coaches and volunteers aware of the procedures that must be followed. All personnel in sport will be encouraged to demonstrate exemplary behaviour in order to promote the welfare of young people and reduce the likelihood of allegations being made.

Even for those experienced in working with child abuse, it is not always easy to recognise a situation where abuse may occur or has already taken place. The staff and volunteers in sport, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, are not experts at such recognition. However, they do have a responsibility to act if they have any concerns about the behaviour of someone (an adult or another child) towards a young person.  In many cases it is difficult to differentiate between what could be deemed as poor practice and possible child abuse. 
Responding to Disclosure, Suspicions and Allegations of Abuse
All staff, coaches and volunteers have the responsibility to respond immediately if a young person says or indicates that he/ she is being abused, or information is obtained which gives concern that a young person is being abused. Similarly if there are suspicions of poor practice these should also be reported.

All coaches and all volunteers that are formally involved in the programme will attend the sports coach UK Good Practice and Child Protection Courses and any other relevant training (this includes scUK Equity in your Coaching, How to Coach Disabled People in Sport & Emergency 1st Aid).