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New karate class Starting 1st june

JKL Karate Kubs classes are aimed at boys & girls aged 5 to 7. Children will learn the basics of karate and self-discipline whilst having fun with games in a safe, relax and secure environment.


Saturday: 10:00 – 10:45

Through this we aim to:

-Increase self confidence
-Improve balance, strength, co –ordination and flexibility
-Teach self discipline and self awareness
-Make new friends
-Have fun!!!!

The ‘Karate Kub’ students will grade through a structured badge system rather than belt levels.  Karate Kub students will have the opportunity to work on a 6 weekly badge working on a theme/ technique and badge gradings every 12 weeks.

From the age of 7/8 the ‘Karate Kub’ students will have the opportunity to move into the main karate kidz session, where gradings will replace badges to the belt system. If your child is making good progress he/she will be invited to join the Tuesday night session.
All our Luton Karate Kubs instructors are professional and always encouraging, friendly and act as positive role models for your child. They carry full insurance and have undergone a comprehensive training programme, which of course not only gives them the skills and knowledge to teach and educate, but also means they have Certification in Child Protection, First Aid and enhanced CRB checks.