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Competitions - 2013

JKL IN HOUSE COMP - SAT 27th April 2013




WHITE – ORANGE BELT         (Mixed)
1st – Lucas
2nd – Ola
3rd- Julia/ Evie

RED - YELLOW BELT             (Mixed 6-10 Yrs)
1ST- Jason
2ND- Nasir
3RD – Raymond


YELLOW - BLUE BELT             (Mixed 6Yrs+)
1ST- Jordan
2ND- Sammy
3RD – Daniel S


BLACK & BROWN BELT                        (Mixed 11 Yrs +)
1ST- Lisa
2ND- Jamie
3RD Sabrina & Alex





WHITE – RED BELT     8 & Under (Mixed)
1ST- Zyree
2ND- Oliver
3RD – Elijah


ORANGE – YELLOW BELT      8– 12 YRS (Mixed)
1ST- Lion
2ND- Roshan
3RD – Nasir


YELLOW – BLUE BELT  11 & Under (Mixed)
1ST- Kian
2ND- Dominik
3RD- Jigar & Brandon


RED – BLUE BELT  12 – 16 YRS (Mixed)

1ST- Bashir
2ND- Milena
3RD- James & Nasir


BLACK– BROWN BELT 13 & under (Mixed)
1ST- Sabrina
2ND- Ian
3RD- Tremayne & Jasmin



1ST- Sabrina
2ND- Fleur
3RD- Lisa & Holly


1ST- Daniel H
2ND- Jamie
3RD- Alex & Ian




PEE WEE     8 & Under (Mixed)
1ST- Alexandra
2ND- Zyree
3RD – Cian


8 – 11 YRS – Under 5ft (Mixed)

1ST- Jordan
2ND- Dominik
3RD – Nasir & Jason


8 – 11 YRS – Over 5ft (Mixed)

1ST- Natalia
2ND- Elisia
3RD – Roshan & Lion


12 – 17 YRS – Under 5ft (Mixed)

1ST- Sabrina
2ND- Jasmine


12 – 17 YRS – Over 5ft (Mixed)

1ST- James
2ND- Milena
3RD – Bashar & Sally


12 – 17 YRS – Over 5ft  Black & Brown Belt (Male)

1ST- Daniel
2ND- Alex



Overall Champion:
Sabrina Hammoudi


Most improved senior –
Daniel Higgins/ Bashar Miah


Most improved junior
Brandon Appleby/ Nasir Miah


JKL Bracknell Success – 9th March 2013

A squad of JKL fighters were in action at the weekend at the Open Legend National Competition held in Bracknell. The Hightown based Club achieved excellent results, some of them competing at a national level for the first time, held their nerve and showed great spirit.
Up and coming siblings, Samy Hammoudi and Sabrina Hammoudi both bagged an impressive 1st place, Samy in his kata (forms) and Sabrina in Sanbon Kumite.

Newest squad members Fleur Harris and Constantine Mihaylov continued in their team mates success both fought strong to achieve 1st placing in Kumite (free fighting.

Others rising stars who also secured success in their Kumite categories were Josh Mason Williams, who took 2nd place with Tremayne Barker, James Austin and Todar Mihaylov following to secure 3rd in their Kumite divisions. Team mates Feriel Siad secured 2nd in Kata and Milena Kowalska 2nd in Sanbon Kumite.

In the 14-15 year old division, Ryan Parkins and Jamie Pepper fought impressively and took the 2nd and 3rd places in their kumite events.

JKL Chief Instructor, Sensei Sabrina Daniels, said “Once again our students displayed an excellent standard of karate and good spirit/attitude. It is great to see the newest and most experienced squad members supporting and working hard together.”
Full results: 
Kata: Samy Hammoudi 1st, Feriel Siad 2nd,
Sanbon: Milena Kowalska 2nd.
Kumite: Sabrina Hammoudi 1st ,Fleur Harris 1st, Constantine Mihaylov 1st, Ryan Parkins 2nd, Josh Mason Williams 2nd, Jamie Pepper 3rd, Tremayne Barker 3rd, James Austin 3rd, Todar Mihaylov 3rd.