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Presently the sport of Karate operates on an amateur basis, although the training, dedication and commitment required is similar to a professional discipline. This amateur status only applies to the funding aspect. The individuals are often required to fund their own training, equipment and travel.

Bearing this fact in mind, we are committed to assisting every student on equal terms, in the hope that finance will not hinder less fortunate students in achieving new heights. To accomplish this aim, we are constantly trying to raise funds to assist all the students at Club.

It is important for us all that we endeavour to apply our aim, and that opportunities should not just be for the financially fortunate. This said we do not apply ‘means testing’ or concern ourselves with any permutation of people’s finances. We are a cooperative. We try to ensure that everyone at the club benefits from any of the funds we raise. Typically the funds raised are used to assist students attending competitions, courses and the like. Sometimes this may appear that only the higher grades are benefiting – this is not the case. Everything that the higher grades learn and experience is brought back into the Dojo for the benefit of all – and after all they were once lower grades and the lower grades should be aware that through dedicated training their time will come.


Seven students from our Dojo were selected to represent Great Britain at the 2007 KWF World Cup held in Tokyo, Japan. Without realising the finance, would have meant they could not attend. So the club as a whole set about raising funds.

Graham Earl

The students held a sponsored event, donated items (including their toys) for the committee to sell at car boot sales, bag packed, car washed and applied themselves without question
to support their fellow students. The monies raised together with assistance from Luton Sports Network were a tremendous assist and all seven travelled to Japan.


20 students from the dojo were selected and travelled to Turin in Italy to compete in the KWF European Cup competition in April 2008.

Students ranging from junior to veteran divisions combined forces with the Welsh KWF squad to take on a stiff international line-up. Competitors included Team Italy, our hosts. As well as squads from countries as far afield as Russia, Algeria, USA, France and even South Africa. Once again we had fantastic support from the Luton Sports Network.

Equipment and Mats

Recently some of our teenaged students presented an application to Luton Young Fundz for a grant to purchase some much needed equipment. Everyone at JKL would like to express our sincere gratitude to theLuton Young Fundz panel that awarded sufficient funding for punch bags, speed bags, kick bags and mats.

Graham Earl

This equipment will give our teenaged students an extra dimension to their training and personal development.

Graham Earl