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Sensei Fred DanielsFred Daniels - Karate History


Current Qualifications KWF

Association - Karate No Michi

Instructor – Mikio Yahara 8th Dan KWF




Current Grade 2012 - Roku Dan KWF Japan

Associated Coaching Qualifications

 A brief history

Fred Daniels started Judo in 1964 training with a Japanese instructor in Luton UK from this he learned how to enjoy martial arts along with learning a valuable art that helped him in many ways through out his younger days.
In the early days it was common place to have pre arranged fights these were usually carried out in a local field and the fight would be until some one was defeated this is when Judo came into itself.
It was on one of these occasions that Fred received a front kick from one of his opponents taking him out of the fight that made him decide to take up karate.
In 1978 Fred started training with a Karate club in Luton Sonriki under Sensei George Strong who had graded with Sensei Kanazawa the dojo was affiliated to Bukonkai International under Sensei Colin Williams he stayed with them until 1993. Fred always trained in other dojos and competed at competitions winning many medals .Fred also sought out visiting Japanese instructors and trained with them when ever possible.
Fred had always wanted to be part of the bigger picture and train and grade with the Japanese but with Bukonkai this was not possible.
In 1993 Fred joined IASK under sensei Adamou still unhappy not to be training and grading under Japanese Masters Fred left.
In 1995 Fred joined the JKA which was the JKA Asai group and competed internationally gaining many places.
Fred decided to re grade all his National Dan grades already being a 4th dan EKGB taking an assessment in Switzerland then in Chester UK .Following the two factions of the JKA going to court the Asai group lost the right to call themselves JKA and after many meetings with no clear direction Fred resigned.
In 1999 Fred was invited to grade by sensei Kunichi Fukamizu and sensei Sumi in Holland and was awarded 5th Dan JKA ( Japan Karate Association).


In 2004 Fred was invited to train and license up with JSKA under Abe sensei formerly JKA Technical Director and graded with Abe Sensei and Richard Amos Sensei.
In 2006 Fred joined JKA England under sensei Ohta and enjoyed training with them in UK and Japan.
In 2009 Fred joined KWF under Yahara sensei and was recognised as 5th Dan and graded to 6 th Dan while in Norway 2009 attending KWF world championships.
Joining the KWF was a natural way as his dojo JKL was KWF since 1999 and he was and still is the Technical Director teaching on a regular basis. Fred has always trained and studied under different Martial Art Masters and uses the best to his advantage passing this onto his students in Luton Dojo JKL his philosophy is “to have students that surpass his level and achievements and to foster the art of karate do.”
Fred has always wanted his students in Luton to have opportunities that he did not have and now has realised this dream.
To date Fred has trained students to reach up to 5th dan with Japanese instructors and trained many world champions.



Bukonkai Karate International
Kumite Regional 1 st Place
Kata Regional 1st Place
National Kata 2nd Place
International squad member
Club Instructor

England Squad Switzerland World Championships 1998
England Squad Wales Championships 2000
England Squad Germany 2002
1st Place Veterans Kata Holland JKA Open
1st Place Veterans Kumite Holland JKA Open
International Squad member Germany 2002
Inter national Squad Member Cardiff 2000
Judge C /referee C/examiner B/instructor B
JKAUK International Squad member
JKAUK Club instructor
National Director JKA UK

International Association of Shotokan Karate
IASK A Level Instructor/ A Level Examiner
A Level Referee/Judge
4th Place vet team kumite World Champs Manchester 2008
4th Place Kata Veterans World Camps Manchester 2008
KWF Norway World Championship 2009
2ND Place team Veteran Kumite

Sports Coach Awards UK
Awarded Sports Coach of the Year Luton Sports Awards
Sports Coach of the year    2006 - 2007
Sports Coach of the year    2007-2008
Sports Coach of the year    2011 – 20012

Long Service to Sports Award
22 March 2012


Fred regularly visits Japan to train with Japanese Masters to gain more information and valuable knowledge to bring back to UK and share with his Dojo.


“If its worth doing – do it properly with all your spirit”

Grading examinations record;

Graded Sho Dan ( 1st dan )
Shihan Colin Williams 5th Dan MAC
Graded Nidan  2nd ( dan )
Shihan Colin Williams 6th Dan EKGB

Graded Sandan ( 3rd dan )
1st dan to 2nd dan recognised after grading exam
Shihan Yahara 7th Dan JKA Asai faction

Graded Yondan ( 4th dan )
1sts dan to 3rd dan recognised after grading exam
Shihan Adamou 7th Dan

Graded Yondan  ( 4th dan )
1st dan to 3rd dan recognised
Shihan Abe 8th Dan/Shihan R. Amos 6th Dan

Graded Godan  ( 5th dan )
1st dan to 4th dan recognised
Shihan Sumi 8th Dan / Shihan Fukamizu 7th DanJKF

Graded Roku Dan  ( 6th dan )
Godan recognised after grading  ( 5th dan )
Shihan Yahara/Shihan Isaka/Shihan Sidoli/
Shihan Dorfman/Shihan Hosumi
KWF Karate No Michi Japan
2009 Norway Camp


Fred Also holds a 5th Dan in Kyshu Jitsu Kempo

Other disciplines or relevant arts trained and graded in:
Small circle Ju Jitsu
Tai Chi Chuan
Chinese Wrestling
Kuysho Jitsu
Jo Do
Iai Do
Kubo do


 “Never accept any thing that is given and without physical effort”