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About Karate Kidz:

Karate Kidz classes are aimed at:
Children aged 7 to 11
Teenagers aged 12 -15.
Students will learn the basics of karate, self defence and self-discipline whilst developing co ordination, stamina and self confidence in a safe and secure environment.
General class
18:00-19:15: Junior - All Grades

Kata or forms
19:00-20:00: Junior Advanced Students (Green – Black belt)
20:00-20:30: Junior Dan Grades
General Class
Class 1- 10:00 – 11:00: Junior - Beginner to White/Yellow belt
Class 2-11:00- 12:00: Junior - Yellow to Blue belt
Class 3- 12:00- 13:00: Junior - Brown and Black belt
Through this we aim to:
-Increase self confidence and respect
-Improve balance, strength, stamina, co –ordination and flexibility
-Teach self discipline and self awareness
-Self defence
-Life skills
The Karate Kidz students will grade through a structured belt system with nine levels to achieve. Gradings take place every six months or when students are ready.
Students will also have the opportunity to work towards a badge system to reward achievement and successfully attending competition and courses.

Team Houses

Each Karate Kidz student will be allocated into a team named after famous Japanese Instructors. (Yahara, Isaka, Kagawa & Abe) The four houses have been organised to promote team moral, spirit and develop team work at all ages and grade.

Monthly Team Challengers:
A challenger will be set each month to assist students with their learning theory in karate and towards their basic techniques. Good team work, commitment and communication are needed to ensure a competitive spirit is developed among each house.
Student of the month:
The Instructors will choose a “student of the month”. The Instructors
will be observing the student’s attitude, good training, integrity and character building.

All our Karate Kidz instructors are professional and always encouraging, friendly and act as positive role models for your child. They carry full insurance and have undergone a comprehensive training programme, which of course not only gives them the skills and knowledge to teach and educate, but also means they have Certification in Child Protection, First Aid and enhanced CRB checks.
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Contacting us:

If you are interested in joining our prestigious club please do not hesitate to contact us or just come along for a chat we are always pleased to see new members.