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The KWF GB holds regular squad training sessions throughout the year. These are
generally held in the South East in Luton, London and Kent & North Wales at Hawarden.

(4th Kyu and Above)

KWF GB squad Japan 2007

Squad Coaches

JKL National Coach

Sensei Sabrina Collins

JKL Assistant Coaches

KWF GB Coaches
Sensei Fred Daniels/ Mark Slattery/ Tony Atkinson Sensei Sabrina Collins/ Channing Smart

KWF GB Coaches

Sensei Sidoli, Sensei Tadrist, Sensei Barker

Team selections will be held throughout the year for KWF GB national and international
competitions and for JKL nationals. This is an opportunity to build on skills, techniques, stamina and confidence as well as being a chance to train and build team spirit.

Any enquiries please contact Sensei Collins