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Social Events - Confirmed

Sat 9th March – Legend competition (Bracknell) - JKL Squad to be selected - junior/Senior.

Sat 27th April – JKL In House – Luton (Open to all junior students).

Sat 11th May (P.M) – JKL Quiz Night, Open to Friends & Family – Luton. (Poster on Face book)

Sat 18th & Sun 19th May – Open Course, Visiting Instructor – Wales.


Sat 15th June - Bo Course with Sensei Wayne Smith, 5th Dan – Luton (Open to all junior/Senior students).

Sat 6th July – KWF England Competition (Luton) - JKL Squad to be selected- junior/Senior, all grades.

Sun 14th July – JKL Sponsored walk, Open to Friends & Family – Luton.

Fri 18th– Sun 20th Oct – 6th KWF World Cup Championship/Training – 3rd Kyu & above junior/Senior – England Squad to be selected.

Sat 9th Nov - JKL In House – Luton (Open to all junior students)..

Sat 7th Dec (P.M) – JKL Christmas Party, Open to Friends & Family – Luton

Dec – Asda bag packing evening - TBC